I was definitely expecting to see some fun Valentine's Day posts pop up in my social media feed. Star Trek has been fun throughout the day. But I have to say the last page I'd expect to be going wild on Facebook is the Hannibal Public Library.

All day they've been gifting us with amazing library and literary themed pick-up lines for Valentine's Day, they've ranged from the slightly obvious:

To the fun puns:

To a reference to one of my favorite authors:

It was certainly a joy to see these pop up in my feed, and I look forward to seeing these throughout my evening. I'm single, so my Valentine's Night is just dinner and something on Netflix. YES SAM! PROBABLY STAR TREK! WHY YOU GOTTA BE MAKING FUN?! STAR TREK IS AWESOME! NOT ALL OF US CAN BE MARRIED LIKE YOU!

Sam's a jerk.

Anyway, follow the Hannibal Library for more pick-up lines, and obviously to stay up to date on the going-ons at the library.

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