Here it is, folks - the moment you've all been waiting for.

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If you've been asking yourself, "I wonder how the Pike County IL Trail of Tenderloins is going." here you go.

In our last report, we had covered seven of the eleven stops designated by the Pike County Chamber of Commerce on the Tenderloin Trail.

We made our last stop on the trail over the weekend, so here's the latest

The Copperhead - New Canton

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

You'll find these guys on Highway 96 south of New Canton. The Copperhead is legendary, in existence since the 1930s. They put out a pretty good tenderloin, too. Give it about a three-and-a-quarter.

Stagecoach Inn - Pleasant Hill

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

If you haven't been to Pleasant Hill before, you might want to enter their address in your GPS. A little hard to find, especially at night. But, once you get there, you'll get a huge tenderloin that I would give about a three-and-three-quarters. And, their mac and cheese is to die for.

Fat Boys - Pike Station

TSM Photo

Just before you cross the bridge to go to Louisiana, you'll find Fat Boys. Among the biggest tenderloins we have seen. Give it a three-and-a-half.

Bainbridge Cafe - Barry

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

We saved this one for last, since it's the one with the reputation for the biggest and best tenderloins. And, they did not disappoint. I give it a four.

As far as I know, Karla and I are the first to hit all eleven stops on the Tenderloin Trail. We are waiting by our mailbox for our fabulous prizes.

If you're keeping score, my top five tenderloins, listed alphabetically are: Atlas Cafe, Bainbridge Cafe, Riverbank Bar, Rumors Have It and Stagecoach Inn.

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