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The best things in life are free and St. Louis has a few options for parents who want their kids to learn and not pay a whole lot of money. We are so lucky to have St. Louis Zoo as a free option for a fun day out with the family, and you would think that would top the list from MSN as the best free attraction in the Show-Me State. But It's NOT.

MSN says that the Saint Louis Science Center is the Best American Attraction in the Show-Me State. There are a few attractions that you do have to have a paid ticket for (the zoo is the same way), but for the most part, everything is free and open to explore. Right now, the center is getting ready for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on October 14th.

Science buffs will love this modern museum in St Louis. It's family friendly with tons of interactive exhibits, covering everything from the environment to world discoveries. Most sections are completely free to explore, but you'll need to buy a ticket for planetarium shows and other special events.

My family and I love the Science Center. Our favorite is standing over 64/40 and seeing how fast people are going. Let me tell you people love going fast on that stretch of highway. The center has everything dinosaurs, space exhibits, and a new waterworks exhibit they just debuted a few weeks ago. I have yet to see a movie at the giant OMNIMAX theatre, but one day we will.

I give this place two thumbs up and you can make it a fun weekend in STL by visiting both the free St. Louis Zoo and the free Saint Louis Science Center.

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