I have found that there is a fascination with Target in the Quincy/Hannibal area. You guys REALLY want one to come here. And while that may not be happening any time soon, this might be the next best thing if you just can't live without your Target fix.

Beginning May 10, Target is rolling out same day delivery in select cities (including Kansas City and Springfield in Missouri). Target is hoping that with a trial run in these cities, they will be able to expand same-day delivery to more places. Perhaps our area?

According to an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Illinois is not on the list (yet) but this is a state-by-state basis right now. Just like Amazon Prime, there will be a membership fee with the new Target delivery service. However, with Amazon Prime soon raising prices, Target is charging their members just $99 a year, and offering first-time members $49. Shipping will only be free of orders $35 or higher.

I gotta say, this seems like a pretty cool idea! With the success of Amazon Prime, this is a way Target can compete. And who knows, maybe if there's enough local interest in Target online, we'll finally get that store we've always wanted. Now with Target coming on board with same-day delivery you have to wonder if Wal-Mart will follow with a service like this.

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