Apparently there are Missourians willing to get violent in protests of mask mandates in their children's schools.

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According to an article from there was a school board meeting in Cass County Missouri at Pleasant Hill High School where violence erupted in the parking lot all because the school board voted in favor of ordering a mask mandate for their students. In the article apparently one person was scene leaving in handcuffs after the police were called to break up the fights, and there were multiple fights that had broken out. Read the full article for yourself by clicking here.

Hearing and reading about this situation obviously makes me want to ask the question, "how did we get to this point?"

I have no intentions of trying to start the debate over should we or should we not mask our kids. Instead I just feel shocked that adults could get to the point of physically fighting other adults in a school parking lot. It seems like something you would expect from a movie about the world going crazy.

This story is something that is even more meaningful because it hits close to home here in the Tri-States. We here in the Quincy and Hannibal area have been under such different masking, and COVID-19 mandates and protocols since the beginning of this pandemic. Illinois has consistently been a state under strict mandates and protocols, where Missouri has been really free and clear of mandates.

Regardless of where you land on the masking issue, I think we all can agree that the last thing anyone should want is to end up in a fist fight in the parking lot of your kids school. We all have to be better than that for sure.

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