What do you do if you're a baby leopard? If you're at the St. Louis Zoo, you run circles around your mother as a new video share proves.

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If you weren't aware, the St. Louis Zoo shared news of the birth of twin leopards a few weeks ago. Today, they shared a video update showing these youngsters are burning off lots of energy. Their names are Irina and Anya. They are critically endangered Amur leopard cubs.

The official St. Louis Zoo website mentions there are fewer than 100 Amur leopards believed to be in the wild. Endangered doesn't even begin to describe it. The fact that these two twins were not only born, but also now thriving is great news.

There's no mention when these young leopards will be viewable in the St. Louis Zoo for visitors although you can count on them being a top attraction in Big Cat Country in the zoo once they make their debut.

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