It was announced today that the American Girl store in Chesterfield Mall will be closing next month. Am I the only parent out there that is happy about this?

I have never understood the concept of the American Girl dolls. They are $100 dolls that you can style with jewelry and fancy hairdos. Oh, and don't forget the overpriced accessories you need to buy for your doll. I don't get it. What's the big deal with these dolls?

I wonder why I would ever want to spend $200+ on a pair of dolls (one for each daughter) when I see how my girls treat dolls that cost a fraction of that.

Look, I know it's more then just a regular old doll. Each doll has a talent, be it playing the guitar ($34 guitar sold separately), horseback riding ($98 horse sold separately), or space exploration ($350 space station sold separately). And lots of people like to get the dolls who have their same name. Maybe I am bitter about American Girl because I never got the $115 "Samantha" doll (Barbie was always my toy of choice). What's does American Girl have that Barbie doesn't? Is American Girl the new Barbie?

But lets say you do shell out the money for the doll and the accessories. Do you actually play with them? My friends' kids who all have these dolls just keep them on shelves. What's the point? I mean isn't the whole point of getting a doll such that you are able to play with it?

I will say that I'm sad for the employees that will be losing their jobs, but I really can't say I feel sorry for the store itself. And if you're a fan of the American Girl franchise, please don't send me hate e-mails. I just don't get the attraction.

And for those of you who frequent the Chesterfield location, you can still get your overpriced dolls, accessories, haircuts, and ear piercings in the Chicago and Kansas City locations.