As you may have noticed, I'm a huge fan of superheroes. A major part of that is the television program Arrow. It's the best. I love it. Star Stephen Amell recently appeared on American Ninja Warrior just demolishing the course, and I thought, "Man, if I could do that... I should do that. Let me lose a few LBs first, though." But where would I train for that?

Aspiring ninja warriors and/or friendly neighborhood Spider-Men (I know that's Tom Holland, but Spider-Man has a lock on the whole friendly neighborhood thingy) will soon have a new place to train in the area.

The trampoline park Skyzone, located just up the road in Springfield, is unveiling a new park on July 24 which they are calling “SkyClimb”. Described as “The Ultimate Vertical Obstacle Course” on, the indoor park includes several innovative rock walls and other climbing obstacles. Each challenge has its own automatic belay system, so you can climb as fast or as slow as you like safely.

Tickets are $16 for one hour of SkyClimb and all participants must be at least six years old and between 25 and 300 pounds. Tickets are available HERE.

SO! New plan. Sam (who is also a big Arrow fan) and I are going to hit the YMCA, get into Ninja-Arrow shape, then train over at SkyClimb so we can take on American Ninja Warrior, and then land guest starring roles on Arrow. It's a perfect plan. I see no way this won't work.

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