I tend to remain in a state of denial during this time of year. Sure, I know summer can't last forever. But, when the signs begin to appear that the season is just about over, I play the ostrich. I put my head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Summer is nearly over.

One of the main tell tale signs that the fun months are wrapping up are the closing of the community pools.  As the Herald-Whig mentioned yesterday, Wavering in Quincy had it's last open day yesterday and Indian Mounds is only open through this coming weekend...then will be open weekends only through Labor Day.  Same for the Hannibal "Aquatic Center" (back in my day, we called it "The Pool").  It's open through this coming weekend.

I can't mention "The Pool" as it was back in my day without also talking about the incredible pool ballets we used to do...

Oh, the memories.  Do you have any great summer pool memories?  Did you and your friends do a pool ballet like we used to?  Feel free to share.

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