A Missouri Teacher was fired for using a racial slur, so why is the student that filmed her using the slur in class suspended too? Here are the details...

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According to NBC News a high school student in Missouri has been suspended after she filmed her teacher using racial slurs. In an article from NBC News, they say...

"A high school sophomore in Missouri was suspended three days after she recorded her teacher last week using a racist slur in class, prompting the teenager’s lawyer and mother to demand that the district apologize and expunge the suspension from her record...The incident occurred May 9 in a geometry class at Glendale High School in Springfield, when the student’s teacher used the slur more than once, and the student then decided to pick up her cellphone and record..."

So I have to ask the question...Did the girl deserve to be suspended?

Obviously, the teacher deserved to be fired and should never be allowed to teach again, but why was the girl suspended, she should be applauded for capturing this horrific behavior from someone who is there to help kids.

The article says the student was suspended under the rule that you are not allowed to record faculty without their consent. That is a great rule, kids sneak phones into class and try to go viral making videos of their teachers is something no teacher should have to deal with. BUT, and its a BIG BUT...in a case like this there needs to be some common sense, this student did the right thing, she exposed someone who should not be in charge of a room of students, that should take priority over the breaking of the rule.

What do you think?

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