A Missouri school is adapting a four-day school week and I kind of understand the reasoning behind it.

Warsaw, Missouri started this school year a four-day school week with students attending Tuesday through Friday with a half hour added to each day to make up for being off Monday. The main reason for instituting this is to give parents and students the opportunity to get all doctor appointments done on Monday, thus preventing kids from missing during the week to attend appointments. This also gives students an extra day for homework a day to visit colleges for high school students.

I can totally get behind this. Scheduling appointments for my kids for after school is REALLY hard. Most appointments are usually booked after 3:15 and with most offices closing at five, I find myself making appointments during the school day and bringing them back to school. If I had an extra day to get everything done without pulling them out of school for short times, it would be very helpful.

Now, the downfall is that there is an extra thirty minutes added to an already long day for students (especially elementary students). There are 25 schools in Missouri that are using the four-day school week program. Would you be in favor of a four-day school week?