Every soon-to-be parent--especially every soon-to-be mother--remembers that moment when it was "that time" to go to the hospital. I remember like it was yesterday. Watching "Late Night with Seth Meyers" last night reminded me of those crazy first moments before my husband and I went to the hospital.

If you haven't heard, Seth Meyers' recently became a father for the second time and boy does he have one crazy story to tell how is second son was born.

Listening to him describe the birth of his son reminded me of when my first daughter was born.

I was not feeling good that day, so I stayed home from work. I figured it was just my body getting tired as I still had three and a half weeks before my due date. She was suppose to arrive on April 1. My husband was grilling and I was laying on the couch just not feeling right. I was told that I would know when my water broke, I would hear a small pop followed by some pressure. So I was laying on the couch and, sure enough, "pop".

I thought I should probably go to the bathroom, and the minute I stood up (in grey sweatpants, mind you), it was pretty clear that yes, my water broke. The look on my husband's face--somewhere between scared and nervous--was priceless. Pretty much the look that says "uh oh, here we go!"

Fortunately, we made it to the hospital and after ten and a half hours (and only five minutes of pushing, Ava was here. My second daughter, two years later, wasn't quite as eventful, though I did have to push for two hours.

But the story that Seth Meyers shared last night on his show is by far the craziest birth story I've heard in a long time. We're certainly glad everyone is okay and congratulations to the Meyers family!