There was a spectacular sight in the skies over the tri-states Saturday night, but it's not the spectacular sight we expected. Pics show a brilliant meteor that many saw over the tri-states last evening.

The space weather prediction "experts" really got it wrong and there were no reports of the northern lights Saturday night. The consolation prize ended up being multiple meteors being spotted burning up in the atmosphere. There were over 74 reports of this fireball according to the American Meteor Society website.

Here are two pics that visitors to that site shared of exactly how bright this object was.

Jared S., American Meteor Society
Dan B., American Meteor Society
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This meteor was so prominent that it was reported in a total of 8 states including Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Indiana.

The other major meteor report on Saturday happened over England as there were 33 reports of a fireball over that country according to the American Meteor Society website.

Yes, I would have preferred to see the Aurora Borealis over the tri-states Saturday night, but I won't complain when a meteor as beautiful as this one is the consolation prize.

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