Having lived in or near to Missouri a majority of my life, I've been in just about every cave in the state. However, even with my spelunking past, there's one that's just hit my radar that I had never heard of and I'm thinking it's possible you might not have heard of it either.

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Other than the rather obvious Mark Twain Cave, I've been through Bridal Cave, Fantastic Caverns, Marvel Cave and even Onondoga. Looking at the list of Missouri caves on Wikipedia, there's one I haven't been in and it's right at the top (thanks to their list being alphabetical).  It's the Bluff Dweller's Cave in Noel, Missouri. You can see inside of it as a video shared by a couple of adventurers included this stop recently.

The official Bluff Dwellers Cave website includes some interesting facts. First, it's been open to the public since 1927. It was discovered 2 years prior in 1925. The other is that it's still owned by the original family that opened it. Generational caving here. I respect that heritage.

Why is this cave not mentioned more often? The fact that Noel, Missouri is about as far south as you can get in the Show Me State without being in Arkansas is probably one factor. However, I'd say this is more than worth including in your trip next time you venture to Branson and/or Springfield. It's not the biggest or most well-known cave, but the Google Reviews praise it. Worth considering if cave exploring is something you desire.

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