Scotty McCreery is thinking ahead to his next musical chapter. At the 2019 CMA Awards, the singer told The Boot he was planning to head back into the studio in December, and he already had some ideas for his next project.

Since dropping his last album, McCreery married his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal, and he hints that marriage and family life will be a theme in his new songs.

"I just write about life. What I'm living, where I'm at. So it's a lot about my wife," he explains. "I'm sure there'll be a dog theme thrown in there in one of the songs. We have a dog, Moose, so ... If you've been following me, and what I've been living the last year and a half to two years -- that's probably what I've been writing about."

In terms of musical style, McCreery adds, he sees himself delving even further into traditional leanings than he has on past projects. "I grew up on the good old country music, so we might be taking it back to that a little bit: a little more fiddle, a little more steel guitar. So, we'll see how that rolls," he goes on to say. "That's where my head's at right now."

McCreery isn't the only rising country artist whose work has strong traditional elements, and he says he's excited about the resurgence of a more old-school musical style. "I love it. It's awesome," the singer adds.

"There's so many. You've got Luke Combs over there who's bringing it back, Jon Pardi," McCreery points out. "There are so many great traditional acts that are kicking butt, so I love that."

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