Sad news to report but Sawyer's Creek in Hannibal is officially CLOSED for the remainder of 2020, here is what you need to know...

I think it's safe to say that since the middle of March when the Coronavirus pandemic started sweeping through the United States that we knew 2020 was going to be a different year. We have seen almost every single major event from the Olympics, to Concerts, and everything in between put on hold or cancel for this year, and sadly we have something else to add to that growing list. Sawyer's Creek the fun park in Hannibal has officially closed for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On their Facebook page Sawyer's Creek said...

"We are sad to announce that we will be unable to open Sawyer's Creek for this season. Due to many of our staff and owners being at a high risk with compromised immune systems as well as some family emergencies that have occurred in the last couple of weeks we have been unable to move forward with opening. We feel that it is in the best interest of all staff and our valued customers to remain closed for this season."

To read the full statement on closing for 2020 from Sawyer's Creek check out their Facebook page by clicking here!

It really is sad to see something like Sawyer's Creek have to close for the entire year. But when it comes to health and safety it really feels good knowing the great people at Sawyer's Creek are thinking about what is not only best for their guests, but also what is best for their employees and families. We will see you in 2021 Sawyer's Creek!

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