I often refer to Arts Quincy as a "friend of the show," and it's true. The weekly chats with the Quincy Society of Fine Arts Executive Director Laura Sievert are always a delight. And as they are friends of the show, and of the station, of course I'm going to help out when asked, if I can. Like if they were moving, I'd totally help carry a couch. Or if they were having a fancy fundraiser and needed a bartender, I'd be there. Now that that very specific scenario has come up, I can put my official certification to good use finally.

Bartender Certificate
Brodie, Townsquare Media

Many moons ago, about 72 of them to be exact, I was on a surprise and unplanned hiatus from my radio career, and while trying to find work to stay afloat, I wandered into a bartending school in Riverside, California. There I learned how to make about 200 different drinks, from basic gin and tonics, to more complicated, classier drinks. And I learned proper pour techniques on beers, liquors and wines. After graduating, I searched for gigs, but wasn't really what most places were looking for (hot lady bartenders... which I am not). Though I did apprentice as a Club DJ in a Country Bar (kinda like Bob's Country Bunker in Blues Brothers) I got an office job instead, then eventually ended my radio hiatus, and never really got to use my bartending skills. I was a little disappointed.

But that's all about to change this weekend as Sam and I will be slinging some classic drinks at Arts Quincy's "Come Fly With Me" fundraiser out at the Quincy Airport. They're going for a retro, almost Mad Men-esque vibe with the fundraiser. So I'll have to brush up on my Tom Collins, Old Fashioned, Manhattan and classic Martinis. Shaken, not stirred (or shtirred, if you're Sean Connery).

Now while I'm rusty on these skills, as it's been quite a few years, Sam doesn't have any experience, so she's nervous. So if you're out at the fundraiser and ordering drinks, give us a little leeway. And I have it on good authority that there are still a few tickets available if you'd like to join us out at the Airport for a few drinks. You can get more information, and tickets, at the Arts Quincy website here. Shottenkirk will be providing a shuttle so if we mix your drinks a wee bit too strong for you, you'll still have a ride home.

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