I've been growing out my beard for about two years now, after I stopped shaving it in May of 2016. Then about this time last year, I started trimming up the sides to keep that nice and non-shaggy, but I let the goatee and mustache keep growing and growing. Sam hated it, wanted it gone, and kept threatening to slice it off. As it just so happened, we had a visit from the guys upstairs, our boss's boss's bosses, so I figured it was finally time to say farewell to the overgrown monstrosity that was the goatee. First, a look back on the beard that was:

That's from a little over a year ago, when just gave up on shaving it. Then I realized I need to reign it in a bit. I started shaving up the sides of the face, but keeping the center mass growing. This is from a remote broadcast this past weekend, with about how I've kept my facial hair looking for the past year or so:

That's the look Sam hated. So I just gave in and said "Fine, Sam. Here are some scissors. Slice and dice away!" Sam was more than happy to oblige. We went live with the actual hack-n-slash job, but then I had to go back a few hours later to fix it so it looked somewhat presentable. Check out the full saga below


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