When I got dressed to come to work this morning I had no idea that my purple shirt would match the purple toilet that showed up on the front door of the radio station. The toilet, as it turns out, is a fund raising promotion for the Alzheimer's Association. Oh I knew about the fundraiser, since I am on the board of directors.

Alzheimer's Toilet/ Dorsey
Alzheimer's Toilet/ Dorsey

What I didn't know was when it was going to show up at the radio station's front door. Well, today was the day. The way this works is, I can leave it where it is or have it moved to another location. To have it removed will cost $10. To have it delivered to another location of my choice will cost me $20 and to keep it from coming back to me will cost me $30. I suggest the $30 scenario.

Oh, it's a nicely decorated toilet with colorful flowers on it but I really don't think I want it around here. So I am looking for a new home for it. Do you have any suggestions?  Let me know.

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