Last week it was announced that Toys R Us was going to be closing the rest of their locations in the very near future. They were, to my knowledge, the last of the traditional toy store chains. But it looks like a blast from our past is aiming to change that.

Remember KB Toys? They were very popular "back in the day" and a must stop at practically every mall in America (including the one in Quincy). Well it looks like they might be coming back. Toys R Us was a major competitor and a big reason the small shops eventually went out of business.

According to, "Strategic Marks, a company that buys and revitalizes defunct brands, owns the KB name and plans to open 1,000 pop-up KB Toys stores for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season".

So it doesn't look like KB is making a REAL comeback, but maybe just a temporary trip down memory lane. It actually sounds like a pretty cool idea and I'll definitely be making a stop at one if they go through with it.

It will be interesting to see if this all comes together, but I won't hold my breath. As fun as it would be, we all know online shopping is not going anywhere soon.