Your chance to get updates on what the future of Quincy's riverfront will look like!

Quincy's riverfront is going to be the focus of a lot of change and improvement over the next couple years. Many people have had the chance to take surveys, ask questions, and give feedback to make their opinions heard about what the new and improved riverfront should be like. All of that work has culminated in what is called the Riverfront StoryMap, that will be interactive and go live in January!

On a Facebook event page, hosted by the group Quincy Right on Q, called Riverfront StoryMap Launch they say...

"The Riverfront Master Plan StoryMap is the next opportunity for the community to view plan concepts and alternatives and provide feedback. The StoryMap is a digital tool that allows us to tell a story through custom maps, illustrations, and text. It is self-guided, user-friendly and no download is required. The link to the Riverfront StoryMap will be available starting at 9 am on January 13th and remain open to view anytime (and at your convenience) through January 27th"

For more information on the Riverfront StoryMap Launch check out the Facebook event page by clicking here! 

I think this is such a great opportunity for the citizens of Quincy and the surrounding area to get a real idea of what the future riverfront will look and feel like, and a real chance for you to bring up concerns or excitement you may have about the plans. As I have said before and will say again, if you don't participate and make your voice heard then don't complain when the project is finished and you aren't happy with the results!

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