Or do panic, I'm not your dad. You do you. But technically speaking, Quincy's Midsummer Arts Faire isn't "No More." It just went through a name change. And a date change.

Ben Braun, Townsquare Media

The Faire, or Fest, will also be now called Q-Fest. And rather than at the end of June, after the first day of summer, where the weather has been tactfully described as "hotter than Satan's fireplace," it's been bumped up to the start of June when cooler temperatures prevail.

In a press release, Megan Backs, president of the Quincy Arts Festival board of directors, is quoted as saying "By moving the dates and partnering with other organizations, we will be able to offer a bigger and even better event for the region." The press release goes on to say, "The Quincy Arts Festival (previously Midsummer Arts Faire) is kicking it up a notch and expanding its fine art focus to also include makers of one-of-a-kind items who may not necessarily identify with the fine art label."

When asked about the name change, friend of the show Laura Sievert, Executive Director of Arts Quincy said, "The new Q-Fest is going to bring all the great visual art and music you expect from the Midsummer Arts Faire, plus some new and unexpected additions. It's going to truly be a place where the entire community can come together and kick off the summer in a festive and fun atmosphere."

Start of June or end of June, Midsummer Arts Faire or Q-Fest, as long as the tradition of excellence and celebration of the vibrant artistic community we have here in the Quincy Hannibal area continues, I'll be there. It was fun this past summer, and I'm sure it will be this coming summer. For more, follow The Q-Fest on Facebook for updates.