Birthday's are special and to make them even more special, these restaurants want to give your FREE food.


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    When you sign up, on your birthday you will receive a 6-inch sub and a drink

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    Get yourself a free order of their world famous tater tots when you sign up here.

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    Pizza Hut

    Sign up here and get free cinnamon sticks for your birthday.

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    Dunkin' Donuts

    When you sign up for their rewards program you get a free drink of any size.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Get free wings for your birthday just sign up here.

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    Sign up for their rewards program and get a free pastry on your birthday.

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    Who wants a free scoop of ice cream? Sign up and get free ice cream on your birthday.

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    Auntie Ann's

    Get yourself a free classic pretzel when you sign up.