A dozen different charges have been filed against a Quincy woman in connection with a string of stolen vehicles and a two-state high speed chase Wednesday.

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Adams County deputies received a report of three stolen vehicles in Houston Township about 3:40 a.m. Wednesday.

About 7 a.m., deputies learned one of the vehicles had been abandoned and another car stolen in Camp Point.

About 8:30, there was an unsuccessful traffic stop east of Quincy, and the stolen car went into Quincy and crossed the Bayview Bridge into Missouri.

Once Missouri law enforcement picked up the chase, the vehicle crossed back into Illinois.

The suspect driver, 25 year old Mercedes Patterson, wrecked the stolen vehicle at 4th and Spring in Quincy, then fled the scene in a Quincy Police squad car.

Patterson wrecked the police car at 3rd and Maple and fled on foot, winding up at a residence at 209 Maple.

Patterson was finally taken into custody about 2:15 p.m.

Quincy and Adams County charges pending against Patterson include theft, burglary, fleeing to elude a peace officer, parole violation, and several traffic charges.
Patterson is in the Adams County Jail. Additional charges and arrests are pending.

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