The Quincy Police Department wants to alert residents to a scam mainly targeting the elderly.  The person receives a call normally from a foreign subject stating they are with Publisher’s Clearing House and tells the potential victim they have won a large sum of money and a vehicle and that it is being delivered immediately.  They tell the victim to go to CVS and obtain money grams or money cards and call them back with the numbers of the money cards or give an address to send it to as a handling fee before the money and vehicle can be delivered.  Often times they will call several times for more money with excuses as to why more is needed.  This is a scam.  We have had people fall victim to this.  If you are called just hang up without giving any information or if you have the number they called from you can call Detective Adam Gibson, Elder Service Officer at 217-223-7904 Ext. 104.  Money that is sent cannot be recovered as the scam occurs from overseas, do not send any money in these cases.

Press release from the Quincy Police Department