Facebooker Warns of West Quincy “Bodies as Bait” Scam
Jordan Law of Quincy posted a warning to area residents on her Facebook page on Sunday night. In the status, she details an eerie occurrence in West Quincy in which two people played dead on the side of Highway 24, supposedly waiting for an unsuspecting good Samaritan to stop and check on them. What…
Palmyra Utility Scam
Another scam is making the rounds. Palmyra Board of Public Works officials say they’ve become aware of an e-mail scam regarding delinquent accounts.
Quincy Police Warn of Scam
The Quincy Police Department would like to inform citizens of a recent scam which is circulating in our area.  This scam is a variation of the “Mystery Shopper” scam. If you receive any type of correspondence asking you to participate, don’t do it!
Security System Sales Scam
Hannibal Police are warning of another scam. Police say the caller identifies himself as being affiliated with the police department or FBI and states that if you allow them to display signs in your yard, you will receive a free security system. Hannibal Police do not endorse any brand or company. N…

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