My sister in Wichita, KS has quite a few pets. A dog and three cats. She loves them. Her kids love them. They all love playing together. But if they took the pup out for a walk, and then they all got hungry, they had to make sure they were near home. Until now. Well... until two weeks from now. She posted an article about a dog friendly cafe opening up, so she and the kids and the dog can all grab a quick bite together.

I had heard about these sort of things, but mostly from my friends in major metropolitan areas. The ones who found themselves in New York, Chicago and LA. And Portland, but Portland's weird, so I just assumed pet friendly cafes were always a thing out there.

It got me curious about where our pet friendly eateries are. After a quick googling, I found "Bring Fido," which lets you plug in your city, and find the closest dog friendly restaurant. For us? It's Sonic in Macon, which is a drive-in, so it doesn't really count. It's not even people friendly. At least not in the sense we're talking about.

I didn't rely on JUST Bring Fido. I asked various friends in the area if they knew of any pet-friendly eateries in town. They couldn't think of any. So if I'm wrong, and there is one I just don't know about, say, "Hey Brodie, why don't you check out ____?"

There's plenty up in Chicago or down in St. Louis. But nowhere nearby you can bring your dog and just chill with a sandwich and beverage. Now I currently don't have a dog, my apartment is small, and not dog friendly. But I plan on eventually moving to a bigger place, and getting a dog, because I've always wanted one. It would be cool if we could hang together at a cafe.