There will soon be a new daycare option for working parents.

According to WGEM, Quincy's newest child care facility, 10th Street Children's Academy (208 S. 10th St.) will open in the fall or winter of 2019.

The facility is currently looking to hire early childhood teachers, teacher assistants, and people to assist in food preparation. Part time and full time positions are available and will start later this year.

The new daycare will take infants as young as six weeks old. For questions on rates and job descriptions, find them on Facebook.

There is a need for child care in the area. I know when I was needing child care, I was on a waiting list for over a year before I got into a facility. So if you are planning to need childcare services, make sure you plan ahead. You can get on the 10th St. Children's Academy's waiting list today if you so choose. To learn more 10th St. Children's Academy, or to apply CLICK HERE.