It's kitten season and the Quincy Humane Society is throwing a "baby" shower and needing your help.

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The spring season is a time where the area sees an increase in kittens being born, and the Quincy Humane Society is in need of kitten supplies and foster parents. Everyone is invited to the "April Showers Bring May Meowers" event on Sunday, April 18 from 2 pm to 4 pm. The humane society will have be showing off some of their feline friends who will be joining their facility in a a few short weeks.

Plus, if your interested in fostering some of the little guys (and girls) there will be information on hand on how  you can become a foster parent. You can also bring supplies and donations to the event which will take place in the Quincy Humane Society's Community Room.

I'm gonna be honest, I am not a cat person, but I do love to snuggle with a kitten every now and then. The problem is, if I become a foster parent my daughter would want to keep the cat, and I am allergic (she wants a cat so bad). If we every become foster parents it would be hard to give them back.

With your support, the Quincy Humane Society can continue to rescue orphaned kittens and mother cats with kittens, and provide the much-needed supplies for our fosters who open their homes to our loving animals.

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