Last week, I shared a story regarding International Firefighters Day. This week, I'm glad to share more news regarding firefighters. This involves Quincy Fire Department Firefighter Justin Twaddle and Lieutenant Eric Becks. Both men are being awarded with the Firefighter Medal of Honor.  The award is the State of Illinois' highest honor for firefighters.

Becks and Twaddle are being singled out for action they took in January of this year, for rescuing a child from a house fire.

The award ceremony will take place this Thursday (5/10) in Springfield at the Prairie Capital Convention Center, immediately following the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service  which begins at 9 am.

Sometimes I have to question our society, when we pay more attention to "who got voted off  Idol," or million dollar earning sports figures, who continue to get in trouble for breaking laws, when the REAL heroes are folks just like Firefighter Twaddle and Lt. Becks.

These gentlemen continue to represent what's really important; helping your fellow person in need and completing their tasks with utmost professionalism.  I don't know either of these gentlemen personally, but I'm certain, they didn't seek out this award, and probably would tell you that they were just doing their jobs that day in January.

And that's exactly why I offer my thanks and gratitude to them, and all of our first responders, that are there for us, ready for that next call.