Oh come on! You’re not REALLY falling for this, are you??

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office is warning the community to be cautious of a new phone scam. According to the release, the caller (claiming to be Adams County Sheriff Brian VonderHaar) informs the would be scam victim that he/she is the winner of a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

Seems totally legit and not scammy at all, right?

In what really shouldn’t have needed to be explained, the Sheriff’s office reminds Adams County that they are “not affiliated with Publishers Clearing House in any way”. So there you go. Don’t fall for it.

I mean, don't the PCH people just show up at your door with balloons and a comically large cardboard check? Pretty sure that's how that works.

The Sheriff's Office goes on to remind you to never provide personal information over the phone and to report any fraudulent calls to the Federal Trade Commission.

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