If you are looking for a place to party for Mardi Gras but you can't fly down to New Orleans, then you need to take a quick trip to one of the Mardi Gras capitols of the country here in the Show-Me State of Missouri!

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According to the website lawnlove.com, St. Louis is one of the top Mardi Gras Cities in the US. St. Louis ranks 9th on the site's list of 2023's Top Mardi Gras Cities, New Orleans comes in first (obviously) followed by New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Chicago, and San Fransisco, are the only cities higher on the list than St. Louis. On the site they say...

"The biggest party in St. Louis takes place in a neighborhood called Soulard — a French name that fittingly translates to “drunkard.” Even though the Gateway City’s Mardi Gras began more recently in 1979, this city paraded to the top of our ranking with the second-highest number of events. STL also has abundant nightlife options per square mile, making it easy to stumble from bar to bar."

St. Louis even ranks ahead of Baton Rouge, to see the full list for yourself just click here!

This ranking doesn't surprise me at all, yes Vegas, and Miami are both party cities so they always party harder than midwestern towns like St. Louis. But St. Louis has strong french ties and is on the Mississippi River which is such a strong symbol related to Mardi Gras due to being a huge part of New Orleans. Where are you partying for Mardi Gras in 2023?

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