This is one of those times where I read this and had to reread it. These experts claim one of Missouri's staple foods is also the most loathed.

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To be fair, this comes from hard-core food dieters who make sure what they eat is the healthiest thing on Earth. According to a new survey done by FeastGood they say BBQ Ribs are the most loathed food in Missouri.


Listen, I am not a person who likes to work for their food (i.e. cran, lobster, ribs), but how could you even think about putting Missouri BBQ on a list like this, Missouri BBQ (no matter if you get it in Kansas City or St. Louis) is just one of those foods that should be on a "best of" list, not a leather list.

They say,

While they may be a delicious meal, they can be considered bad for dieters due to their high calorie and fat content. Pork ribs are a fatty cut of meat, and the barbecue sauce is typically high in sugar and calories.

I say bring on those calories, sugar, and fat content. Even dieters have cheat days right?

Other Loathed Foods on the List

BBQ Ribs are not the only food that made this list which will have your head shaking. How about Kentucky Fried Chicken, Philadelphia Cheesesteak, Texas Corn Dog, Bagel & Cream Cheese from New Tork, and yes, the list has Chicago's Deep Dish Pizza.

OK, these may not be the healthiest things to eat but man are they delicious.

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