West of the Mississippi, the site of the beginning of the American Frontier, you will find the only serving restaurant/tavern in Missouri that has been in operation since 1834.

Serving war, depression, inflation, and everything in between the J. Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock, Missouri is the only oldest restaurant in the Nation that has continuously stayed open. Eat This, Not That ranks this hot spot at number 7 on the list of the oldest restaurants in the United States.

Built in 1834 to provide food and shelter to travelers on the Santa Fe trail, this tavern is the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi River. The centerpiece of the Arrow Rock Historic Site, this spot was once the beginning of the American frontier.

Arrow Rock Historic Site

The site (where the tavern is located) was originally the home of Joesph Huston, Sr. (four-room, two-story brick structure with a summer kitchen), when thousands of immigrants started passing through the village Huston decided to start feeding and offering losing to the travelers. Since then, the tavern has had thousands of visitors looking at the historic site and eating just like it was done over 150 years ago.

To this day, the tavern remains a staple in Arrow Rock, Missouri participating in holiday events, cooking up delicious meals for locals and travelers, and in the same building since 1834, just think of those walls that could tell the stories they would have.

I couldn't find a link to a current menu (just a Facebook post), but follow the tavern on Facebook and their website for all the events they do. This would be a fun place to visit during the summer to get a good meal and learn about some of Missouri's history.

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