While it may be cold outside now, it isn't close to the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Show-Me State of Missouri, which happened in the same town as the highest temperature recorded in Missouri.

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Living in the midwest prepares you for extremes, one day it is sunny and 65 degrees, and the next day you can get 4 inches of snow and freezing rain. But there is one town in Missouri where they can honestly say they have to be more prepared for weather extremes than anyone else.

According to stacker.com's list of Most Extreme Temperatures in the History of Every State, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Missouri happened in the same town as the hottest temperature recorded in Missouri, the town of Warsaw, MO. The all-time coldest was -40 degrees on 2/13/1905, while the hottest all-time temperature recorded was 118 degrees on 7/14/1954. The website goes on to say...

"Warsaw is one of two cities in the United States that holds the record for both the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in a state (the other is Millsboro, Delaware)."

Both of those records are crazy to think about living through when it gets close to 100 degrees outside I don't leave the A/C, and just the other day when the windchill got the temps below zero it only took 2 breaths before my boogers froze! As far as extreme temperatures in Illinois for our listeners on that side of the river, well the all-time high is 117 in East St. Louis in the same 7/14/1954 heatwave, and the coldest is -38 in Mount Carrol back in 2019. To see the full list for your self check it out by clicking here! 

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