I know this will come as a surprise to those who know me.

I am not the cook in my household.

Oh sure, I'm an expert with toast, even the occasional egg, unless  you want it any other way than scrambled.

This week, while my wife recuperates from surgery, I made a deal with my daughter. I will tackle kitchen duties if she helps out with some of the other tasks.  After the initial shock wore off,  it appeared that the thoughts of actually eating something that I had prepared (other than a bologna sandwich) was setting in.  She mentioned that grilled cheese was not supposed to  "smoke," to indicate that it was ready to consume.

So, as I mastered the kitchen last night, I decided to prepare a pasta dish, with a homemade sauce which included Italian sausage and green peppers.  Much to daughter's surprise, I was actually able to complete the recipe without having the local fire department in for dinner.

The biggest compliment?...she had seconds and later mentioned that she would actually eat that dish again sometime.

Mark one up for the old man! Now, what do I fix to top that meal?  You can't really burn ramen noodles can you?

So what should I attempt next in the kitchen?....any ideas here are appreciated...

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