NFL Football won't come back for 214 days... BUT there is plenty to look forward too during that time!

With the Super Bowl now in our rearview mirrors we enter the point during the calendar that seems bleak for sports fans like myself, we are over 200 days away from kickoff of the next NFL season. It is a depressing though to think how far away football is from coming back to us, so lets instead focus on all the amazing sporting events we have to keep us occupied until our beloved NFL returns in September.

NASCAR: The Daytona 500 is literally this weekend! That alone is worth celebrating, but NASCAR as a whole has grown on me so much, with night races, playoff points at steak every race, and making wins count above all else, NASCAR is doing it right. If you haven't given NASCAR a chance I encourage you to do so this year, find a driver you want to root for, I root for Brad Keselowski because he drives the number 2 car that has always been my favorite due to their Miller Lite sponsorships, having a driver you want to see do well makes the sport electric to watch. Races every week will help pass the time until football is back.

NBA & NHL: Obviously most of us sports fans dive into these two leagues after football that are already a quarter of the way done with their seasons. The NBA and NHL give us sports fans tons of games every night of the week, and playoffs that end right as Summer is really starting. And will we be lucky enough to get to see the Nets vs the Lakers in the NBA finals? God I hope so!

MLB: Baseball looks to be back in full this year after the COVID-19 shortened season last year, baseball (a lot like NBA and NHL) gives us a massive amount of games, and their games start to really matter in the dog days of Summer when hockey and basketball are done. Question is, will it be worth watching this season since the Dodgers are just that good?

March Madness: Notice how I don't say college basketball, its just March Madness.

Golf: I cannot watch golf every weekend...there are some people that can, I can't. BUT I don't need golf every weekend because of basketball, baseball, NASCAR, and hockey. But golf gives me what the others don't a MEGA STAR aka Tiger Woods, there are 4 weekends a year to watch golf, the 4 majors starting with The Masters in April and Tiger if he's healthy will be what gets me to the tv to all of those majors. When a golf major is on nothing else (besides football) matters.

Olympics: Finally don't forget about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo! Hopefully the games will be allowed to go forward in July of this summer. I love watching the Olympics to cheer on the USA and watch us DOMINATE the World, its fun!

So sports fans, yes shed a tear for football ending, BUT there is plenty to keep us glued to our TVs for the next 214 days, what are you looking forward too?

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