This weekend was NFL Kickoff weekend. Starting with the Ravens / Broncos game on Thursday night, and ending with the Chargers / Texans game tonight.

Of course, my focus was on the Chicago Bears / Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday.

Some insight for those that don't know: I grew up in Chicago and have been watching Bears football for a long time. I never really got into other sports. I have seen my share of Cubs and Sox games. I have been to one Bulls game and one Blackhawks game.

I am really excited about this season. Yes - I am sad that Urlacher retired. Yes - I am disappointed that Lovie couldn't do better with the team. But we move on with a new season - a few familiar faces, some new faces, and a new head coach - Marc Trestman.

Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images
Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

Because I had a broadcast at Menards on Sunday, I knew I wouldn't be able to see the beginning of the game, so I taped it (yes - tape, as in VCR).

I got home, worked around the house, then finally sat down to watch the 9:30pm. Cold beer in hand, bowl of chips at my side. Yea! Chicago Bears season has arrived!

I watched the first half of the game, fast forwarded through the halftime show, then started to watch the second half.

Next thing I know, I open my eyes as I hear "...and the Chicago Bears come from behind to win over the Cincinnati Bengals 24-21."

I have to work this coming Sunday with a broadcast at Timber Point Health Care in Camp Point. If the game is shown on WGEM-FOX and I am able to record this game (Ben Marth - I'm talking to you!), I think I will start to watch my tape sooner.

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