If a new report from Quincy, Illinois is correct, a UFO recently put on a light show over the city as they claim the object had a strange aura to it. Oh, and they have a picture to prove it, too.

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This very recent report from the National UFO Reporting Center says the object was spotted September 10, 2022 at around 11pm. To make sure I don't misrepresent what they said, here are their exact words from this encounter of the Quincy kind:

Got a still video picture of our star gazing...We have been coming outside at night to see what we could see and got this awesome picture. I have videos too. My boyfriend, his 10 y/o son and myself took some still picture videos last night, because they were super active last night and seen this. No sound. Very awesome!

Best of all, they included a photo from their report that you can see here.

The picture they included reminded me of a very famous UFO that was reported over Norway a few years ago. I'm not saying this is what they saw, but it makes me wonder.

The fact that whatever this person saw over Quincy changed color makes me think we're not dealing with an easily explained conventional aircraft. The lights on planes are normally very consistent in size and color on purpose. This color-changing object would be interesting to see in a video which I hope the eyewitness will share at some point. If it is, I will add it to this already curious UFO sighting over the tri-state area.

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