While we don't know too many details yet we can announce Quincy is getting a new cafe! A place called Saturday Morning Cafe will be opening sometime soon in the near The District, at 1012 Maine Street, n what was the former Capn Ron's location. Saturday Morning Cafe already has a Facebook page you can follow by clicking here. From the looks of it on Facebook it appears as those this cafe will have a nerdy 80's/90's cartoon television vibe to it. We will definitely update you when we find out more details on this exciting new business.

If you listen to the 97.9 KICK FM morning show with me and Sam then you know I don't drink coffee. But Saturday Morning Cafe has the feel as those it could quickly become a great place to hangout and get work done even for the non coffee drinker like myself. I love a place with a strong theme, especially one that can make me remember happy childhood memories. Either way its just great to see open store fronts filling up with businesses here in Quincy.

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