There is SO much to watch these days, where do you start? Well according to this survey, here is what the people of Illinois is watching on Netflix.

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So many shows, so little time. To help in making the decision on what to watch next, or what show you need to start binge watching, came out with the shows each state binge watches.

Now these are mainly Netflix shows, not network shows or shows that are on HBO or Showtime. So what are the people of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa watching?

13 Reason's Why seems to be the new hot show of choice for Illinoisans. Although, if I had my pick it would be Sweet Magnolias. Ozark is the top show in Missouri (not surprised, it's a great show) with the last and final season coming soon its a good pick Missouri. Iowa's top show is End of The *&%$ World (which I have not seen).

What's the nation's favorite show? That honor belongs to 13 Reasons Why, it's also the most Googled show. I watched season one, but need to watch the other three seasons, the show has ended and will not be back. When CONVID-19 hit and stay-at-home orders were in place, there was lots on binge watching in my house (and still is).

Try on of these shows if you are looking for something to binge watch, happy Netflixing.

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