I have found a study that I find a bit ironic. It makes the wild claim that Missourians are more lazy (sort of) than Illinoisans. Let's examine this science to see if there's any truth in it.

Before I contest a few points, this study was shared by Bloomberg. Overall, it's a survey about too much inactivity in America. It even included this handy map. Note: the browner your state, the less active you are. Apparently.

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Infographic, Bloomberg
Infographic, Bloomberg

It's based off of data from the CDC measuring adult inactivity. On the good side, the surveys were done over a 3 year period which means it's based on a lot of data instead of a 3 month snapshot. On the bad side, the surveys were done BY PHONE. I realize the necessity of this, but is there anything lazier than a survey done BY PHONE? Get up off your backside and go talk to people, CDC.

If you look at their map and data, the inference is that Missourians are way less active than Illinoisans. I beg to differ.

My problem with surveys like this is they are based on data from people willing to take a phone survey. Are you willing to burn time on the phone taking a survey like this? I would argue that most sensible people have found better ways to spend their time. In other words, they're too active to take your stupid phone survey.

That's just my opinion, though. Check out the full Bloomberg report to see if you agree with their conclusions. Here's something I must confess. I didn't read all of it. Probably because I was born in Missouri therefore meaning I'm too lazy. (*eye roll*)

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