Simple question: How long is your drive to work? Let us know!

Living in a small town surrounded by even smaller towns has completely obliterated my understanding of what constitutes a “short drive”. In a city like St. Louis or Chicago, a short drive is what, maybe 45 minutes or fewer? Not here. Short drive = five minutes. Tops. Anything more than that is a LOOOOOOONG drive. And there’s nothing at the end of a LOOOOOOONG drive that can’t wait until the weekend anyway (you know, when we have more time).

And I absolutely love my now distorted small town view of commute times. My daily trek to my first job in St. Louis took just under an hour one way including a recurring bumper to bumper interchange at 270 and 44. And it was pretty much on par with the rest of the office.

Not anymore. Hop on 24th street and drive north for two miles. Six minutes. Eight if you get caught at the stop light at State. Not too bad at all.

So let’s do a little crowdsourcing here. For those of you living in the Hannibal/Quincy region, how long is your commute to work?

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