Every office has at least one. You know the person I am talking about - the one who takes the last something-or-another from the box, and leaves the empty box for someone else to throw away.


Today it was cupcakes. Sometimes it's donuts. Occasionally it's cookies. No matter what it is, someone is almost guaranteed to take the last one and leave the empty box.


Its not like the trash can is down the hall and across the parking lot. No...just 3 steps away.

This time I refuse to clean up the empty container. No, I'll let the break room remain a pigsty until our cleaning service comes through over the weekend.

Maybe the people that do this live like this at home. Their mothers never taught them to clean up after themselves, so the empty containers just pile up in their kitchen or living room - waiting for the "clean-up genie" to arrive and magically make the mess disappear.

I cannot figure it out. Is it stupidity (I didn't know I was supposed to throw away the container after I took the last piece), or laziness (It's not my box, I'm not going to clean it up even though someone was gracious enough to bring something for everyone to enjoy and I am lucky enough to get the last piece). It is almost like leaving the empty roll of toilet paper in the stall (although, I believe the TP scenario is a combination of both stupidity and laziness).

I hope you choke on that cupcake.

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