Mystery Monday at Quincy Brewing Company, a chance to try something new!

Quincy Brewing Company is hosting a "Mystery Monday" party on Monday, February 10th starting at 3 pm. It is your opportunity to be one of the few people to try limited edition beers that the brewery is making. On the events Facebook page they say...

"We going to be releasing a limited edition beer! Well be tapping the keg at 3pm and when it’s gone, it’s gone! We’ll let you know what it will be a over the weekend... stay tuned!!!"

I love that they are doing this, it is a chance for them to see how people like some of the new unique beers they are brewing. And I for one will definitely be there to try some, I love trying new and specialty craft beers, And if you haven't been to Quincy Brewing Company yet this is a great chance for you to check them out, it's one of my favorite places in the Tri-States.

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