You may not realize this, but the Sci Fi channel...(oops, I meant "Sy Fy") on your cable is really a comedy network. At least it is for me. I used to think having a channel devoted to science fiction movies was a good idea. Guess it's kind of hard to find enough movies to fill a channel that's on 24/7.

The good news behind this lack of good sci fi movies is that it has led to some of the funniest movies in cable history.  My personal favorite is "Ice Twisters".

There's only one thing in my mind that is better than "Ice Twisters"...and that's "Ice Twisters" in German.  Das good!

A close second would have to be the Sy"classic"..."The Black Hole".  The storyline goes like this.  There's a black hole that forms near St. Louis (not kidding).  More good news?  Yes, we can only be saved by Judd Nelson of Breakfast Club fame.

I know times are hard.  Perhaps you could use a laugh today.  If so, turn on Sy Fy and see what whopper they're cooking up today.  Who knows...maybe they'll come up with one where Whoopi Goldberg has to stop a supernova using only a riding lawnmower.  That might even be better than Ice Twisters...although I doubt it.  Unless of course it also stars Judd Nelson.

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