Some of the most beautiful places that I have been to are old theatres, and I find it sad that when I find a beautiful movie palace like this just falling apart.

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The history that they all have. The Fox Theatre, the Washington Theatre, and the Chicago Theatre are all beautiful in their own way. This one beautiful, luxury theatre lasted almost 50 years before closing its doors for good. Built-in the 1920s the theatre catered to the upper class and that can be seen throughout the theatre. From the marble water fountains to the large crystal, chandelier, you can tell that this one thriving movie theatre was once a very busy place.

All good things must come to an end, and that is what happened to this theatre. It was successful for many decades but as times change the theatre became a place where people could not afford to go. The theatre is located in a bad neighborhood and as crime rates went up, customers went down. For a last-ditch effort to keep the doors open, the owners started playing adult films, which did not last long, and the doors closed for good in the early 1970s.

The theatre is now being renovated, but the seats for both theatres will be removed and a lot of the nostalgia will be gone. However, before all of that takes place, these explorers were able to go into the theatre and show us up close and personal the magic of the once movie palace. From the original movie projectors to the theatre seats, curtains, and even the candy bar. It's a magical place for sure.

This is a reminder of how important the Washington Theatre here in Quincy is, and how we have to do everything we can to bring it back to its glory.

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