For now 10 years in a row, Missouri is the worst state in the country for problematic Puppy Mills, when will this stop?

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The Show-Me State of Missouri has a lot of positive things going for it, there are great cities to explore like St. Louis and Kansas City, there are incredible Univiserities like Mizzou, and Washington University, and there are great places to spend time with your families like Branson or the Lake of the Ozarks, but Missouri has a black eye with Puppy Mills.

According to, Missouri for the 10th year in a row leads the nation with problematic Puppy Mills, they say there are 26 problematic puppy mills in Missouri and sadly many of the breeders on this list have been on this list multiple times. The article goes on to say...

"The reports in Missouri revealed injured and dead animals. Numerous locations lacked proof of veterinary care and thin dogs where ribs could be seen. Other locations lacked water and animals were covered in feces...One breeder failed to even let inspectors in and eventually faced a suspension of his license for seven days. Another breeder paid $100 fine after failing two consecutive inspections, according to the report."

To read the full article and to learn more about these reports from the Humane Society click here!

When will the lawmakers in Missouri finally step up and put real consequences and actions toward these repeat animal abusing puppy mills? I just don't understand it... Maybe it's not the lawmaker's fault, maybe there are tough laws in place but maybe they are not being enforced? Whatever is happening needs to change, the state of Missouri should not be known as the problematic puppy mill state.

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