Being touched and turning around to see no one is there, screaming voices heard, dark shadows, and children laughing these are just some of the things visitors of the most haunted places in Missouri have experienced. Do you dare visit these places yourself?

I am all about watching a paranormal team on TV search for sounds, ghost, and shadows, but if you ask me to do it I am SOOO chickening out. From a haunted mansion, to a haunted hotel and even a haunted road, these five places are considered the most haunted places in Missouri, and there is no way I would be able to visit these places. Well, maybe the prison, that place looks pretty awesome.

Every place listed has a backstory and a history; from a Native American Burial Ground, to a family tragedy, and even a warlock, it’s no surprise that these are all "haunted." Believe in it or not, just looking at the photos these places creep me out, but at the same time I am fascinated with them all. Maybe it’s more of the history that comes with it each, but whatever it is I ask you. Would you stay overnight at any of these places?

The Top 5 Haunted Places in Missouri

Would you dare visit and stay at these haunted places?

Missouri Castle May Be the Most Haunted in the Midwest

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