It is honestly wild that Missouri doesn't have one already, and if they committed to building one it would be a HUGE boost to the state's economy and the people of the state would support it.

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The 2024 Nascar Cup series schedule is out and the season starts this month, why doesn't Missouri have a track like Talladega, the Daytona 500, or Texas Motor Speedway?

If you look at NASCAR's 2024 season you will see TWO races scheduled for Missourians to enjoy, however, neither of the races is ACTUALLY happening inside of the Show-Me State. On Sunday, May 5th the cup series will race at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, KANSAS... and on Sunday, June 2nd, the cup series will race the Enjoy Illinois 300 just across the river from St. Louis in Madison, Illinois.

So, you have two races on either side of Missouri for the fans in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas to enjoy, yet neither race is in Missouri. WILD...

My Solution... if you build it...they will come!

The state needs to build an EPIC motor speedway, a big 1 mile-plus oval like in Michigan, Talladega (in Alabama), or Daytona. You could easily build in around Branson, Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks, or Columbia, those would all be great destinations for it. No one has built a big new track in years, it would be like when an NFL team builds a new stadium, NASCAR would make a big event out of it, put it in their playoff and the hype would be huge.

Missouri is a Midwestern state that has STRONG southern vibes, heck it has a college in the SEC conference. The one thing the state is missing is a big motor speedway that would create a massive yearly event like going to the Daytona 500.

Do you agree, or am I nuts?

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